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Generate Customer Quotes

Quickly and easily provide your customers with estimates for their orders by printing quotes! Your quote does not actually update your accounting information until the quote is converted to a sales order or invoice.

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Progress Billing

Better manage your cash flow with Progress Billing. Bill your customers during the job cycle calculated on either of the following milestones: a percentage based on the total estimated job revenue, percentage completed or percentage based on the job proposal. Peachtree will now allow you to create invoices based on the job's current progress.

Create and Track Sales Orders and Back Orders

Track your sales from order to invoice. Easily enter orders and track partial shipments, and always know what is on backorder with the onscreen "Out of Stock" warning or review the Sales Order Report. Plus, make sure you accurately fulfill your shipments by using the Pick List Report.

Track Your Payment Statuses

Instantly know which purchases or invoices are paid in full, partially paid, past due or unpaid so you can easily stay on top of who owes you and who you owe. Plus, use payment status tracking to view partial payment information and net due for any invoice.

Customer Statements

Use statements for billing your customers with detail from invoices, credit memos and payments automatically printed on the statements.

Receive Payments

Track each invoice until it's paid, even drill down to the detail in one click, and see how your receipts affect your balance. You also have the ability to print receipts detailing items sold and payments received upon recording Time of Sale payments.

Easily Void Invoices

Voiding invoices is as easy as voiding checks! Voiding an invoice reverses out the transaction instead of deleting it. It will automatically update your balances and aging reports, while keeping an audit trail of the original transaction.

Credit Memos

Easily create Credit Memos for your customers by linking to outstanding invoices. Just choose the invoice to apply to, record the amount returned and you're done! You can even track Return Authorization numbers.

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